August 28-September 3, 2010: From friends to concerts to rock climbing to beer tasting to Rocky Mountain "visual" highs, Colorado has spoiled me. I'll be back to Boulder.

A photo pause at Alberta Falls while trail running in Rocky Mountain National Park

Lunch at Sprague Lake and the little quacker who joined me 

Climbing boulders in Boulder ain't so bad! 

Awesome peeps and veteran climbers; Danielle and Luke in back and Eric, Janine and Jake up front >>

Ray LaMontagne and David Gray make people's heart's beat to the rhythm at Red Rocks 

Rebecca and Sam and a sea of happy ears 

Rocky Mountain National Park loop of Old Fall River Road, which is a dirt trail that ascends up to Trail Ridge Road at 12,183 feet; pure beauty

Supportive high-five after my first outdoor climbing experience! 

<< My sweet friends Luke and Janine Walch

For a mouthwatering, lip-smacking fine imperial stout call Left Hand Brewery! 


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