September 14-19, 2010: From the “thrilling” town of Tulsa, Oklahoma, I scooted through the rain up to Salina and crossed into Arkansas past huge farms, moto-chasing dogs, abandoned historical reminders and through a few wet, muddy ruts. I camped surrounded by the beautiful Orzarkian foliage in Devil’s Den. 


Trans-Amer/ADVrider rendezvous: MrPerez and Dale aka DirtNap on a beemer and KTM Adventure coming from the east and Ted aka TCourdin riding a 1200 GS on his way back home to Fayetteville, hot on my Kenda tire-track from the west.

Do yourself a favor and read this Arkansan trail-side caveat in your best southern twang … made you smile, right?

Oklahoman lawn ornamentation; classic!

Cart-her is still waterproofed-up from a rainy morning. Eastern Oklahoma bridge; the water-crossings are starting! 


The obviously stunning Devil's Den National Park where I enjoyed some sound camping and trail-running. 




It was a solitary ride up in the Ozark Nation Forest where I had no choice but to sign Cart-her up as a hedge-trimmer! >>

When the trail starts getting rough and muddy and you get cocky and think, ‘yeah, I’m on it!’ and then you hit a dead end and go, ‘shit, now I’ve got to go back through that … well, it sucks. This is the dead end or washed out trail I hit on Warloop Road just east of Mountainburg, Arkansas. 

Lake Ouachita State Park camping beauty; about 15 miles north of Hot Springs, AR.

Decided to take a late lunch and motor down to Hot Springs, Arkansas for a soak ... just 100-mile detour!


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