September 4 & 5, 2010: I iron-butted down from Denver and picked up the Trans-Am in Salida, Colorado. I camped in Westcliffe and then continued through the hills of La Veta, into cow country in Trinidad and ended up on the road in Sugarite Canyon, New Mexico >> Purple Mountain Reality

My little spot at the Westcliffe RV park; hot showers, good people.

He lives, he rides, he fights; he's the knight in knit armor, Sir Paisley. >> 

 From the plains, through the trees and into the pines >>

<< A high-point with a high-quality view; in between Salida and Cotopaxi, Colorado. 


When I say BIG sky, I mean it. This is just outside of Salida, Colorado on the way east to Cotopaxi, Westcliffe, La Veta and Trinidad.

In the hills above La Veta, Colorado.

And down the hills into cow country towards Trinidad, Colorado.


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