Happy Trails Center Stand $140: I lifted it two drilled-holes higher than the recommendation, so the rear tire spins and the chain can be lubed.


Cigarette Lighter Accessory Plug: I bought this waterproof accessory plug at Wal-Mart for $8.38, pinched some battery terminal connectors on it and zip tied it good and tight to my frame. The best mod; cheap and effective. However, if I did it again I would mount it facing backwards to prevent wind and dust from getting into it.


  Deka ETX15L $70: This is a sealed battery that, other than the swapped +/- terminals, fits snug into the KLR's stock battery slot. It arrived with a full charge and the cost, from TriStateBattery, included shipping.

<< The Deka ETX15L arrived charged at 12.77 volts. 

Emgo Travel Trunk $60: This trunk is hard plastic, lockable and easy to lift off and carry. There is a trick to opening it, though. Fortunately, I was told by a NewEnough.com staffer that I wasn’t the only one tricked by it. Anyway, when the key is turned to open, pull out on the very bottom of the latch - the one with the keyhole that looks like it’s glued to the case. This will unhook the latch. Although, they could just send the "how to open" directions attached to the outside of the trunk instead of locked inside. Seriously.

Don't forget to locktite the nuts-n-bolts holding the mounting plate on. Three of the four bolts fell off by the time I got to Boulder.


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