This is my, “Why I Will be Camping for Free on BLM Land and Eating Tuna Out of a Can Since I’m Jobless and Traveling” price list of parts, pieces, gear and all the extra costs in getting myself self-sufficient, happy and rolling again.

2008 KLR 650, 2550 miles: $3350
DMV tax: $234
Happy Trail Crash Bars ( price): $125
Crash bar link/freeway pegs: $89
Symtec Heated Grips: $44.95
Happy Trails Center Stand: $139.95
Genuine Innovations tire repair/inflator kit: $40.99 Shipping: $21
Moto Insurance: $68
Saddle Bags Racks by Lee: $100
Cigarette Power Outlet: $8.38
Battery Terminal Connectors: $4.88
Ear bud audio phones: $19
Mini Lantern: $11.88
Nelson Rigg CL-850 Touring Saddlebags $92.99
Emgo Portable Travel Trunk $59.99
MotoCentric Mototrek Magnetic Tank Bag $59.99    
New Shipping: $20.05       
Garmin Nuvi 500: $190
Universal 2-in-1 USB Travel Charging Adaptor: $13
Deka ETX15L Battery: $70
Outlaw reusable oil filter: $25
Cig Outlet for battery tender connection: $4
Garmin Mexico Map Chip: $35
Fuses: $5
Cigarette Lighter Battery Monitor: $16
Tire Spoons: $11
Dash Clock: $3
Fix-a-Flat: $4.50
Kenda Z270 Tires: $94
Tubes x 3: $40 (spare front to be used on front or rear in emergency)
Tax & tire labor: $32
DMW Registration through 2011: $95
Superlamb Sheepskin Seat $25
Waterproof XL gear bag: $13.88

Grand Total: $5067.34

That ain’t bad! Still less than MSRP.