I slept in like crazy today, well 8:30 is sleeping in for me. I’m a light sleeper and wear earplugs, but am still usually and early riser; about 6.5 hours for me is well-rested. I didn’t even hear the Kawasaki cruiser couple who were just a tent site over pack-up and thump away. I felt good. I wasn’t late for anything and no one even knew where I was. It’s a freeing notion.

I rode from Green River to Moab on the Trans-Am today and the mellow dirt-way rebuilt my confidence about continuing to partake in the Trans-Am with my Carter … my bike’s name. (It was bound to happen since he’s my only buddy now – “Cart-her” … I shouldn’t have to explain this.)

The view were postcard-esque, vibrant red rock cliffs lined with sediments, forest green trees standing alone in the distance, windmills, space, room to breath and more space. Simply peaceful.

I arrived at the visitor’s center in Moab, found that the Lazy Lizard Hostel, which was cheaper than camping at $9-bills a night, would be the perfect pad. After rolling in, I’ve already been gifted park passes, found hiking buddies and even been invited to a Horizon’s Unlimited meeting (an awesome world-wide dual-sport site), although it’s in Silverton, Colorado in the morning and I just arrived. This is why I like hostels, good peeps and connections.

August 27, 2010: I woke up early, slipped into my running shoes, turned on my tunes and rolled through the red rocks of Arches National Parking listening to the randomly selected “We Will Rock You” by Queen. I needed to give my personal motor a workout, so I decided to jog up the Delicate Arch lookout, down the road to the Delicate Arch trailhead, up and back. I was only about a minute into my uphill trudge when my body reminded me that altitude, about 5,000 feet, was a bit of a factor; here’s hoping that it will speed up the acclimatization process! Phew!

Arches; awe-inspiring place to inhale the spirit of nature. Visit recommended.

I ended the lazy day in a stunning swimming hole chatting about life with another hostel inhabitant and deciding my next moto-move. Sadly, I’m going to bypass the beautiful La Sal Mountains south of Moab and western Colorado, b-line it (literally) to Boulder, Colorado, where I'm going to salvage my ride and ship my extra baggage to Tennessee. I'll relax for a while in Boulder and enjoy visiting my friends Luke and Janine, my doctor/triathlete cousin and exchanging a little moto/airplane-instruction with my flying friend Rebecca who wants her first bike … and, eventually, I want to fly. Coincidentally, I met a traveler here at the hostel who's on a long trip across the country mountain biking, hiking and traveling in his Mooney Ranger prop plane; definitely inspiring.

(Piled too high ... counter-weight lesson learned)